Reagan Davis Pufall was shaped by his childhood growing up in North Dakota. Its long cold winters coupled with short and stormy summers instilled in him a permanent sense of restlessness and the drama of nature. Winter days trapped indoors by bitter cold led him to adopt a lifelong habit of reading. He reads broadly, and in his youth particularly enjoyed exploring the worlds presented in classic fiction, fantasy, science fiction, and the ancient mythology of many cultures. Once winter lifted the warming spring weather would lead him outdoors to explore the open countryside around him; away from the worlds contained in books and into the wide open world of the northern plains. Later, his family moved south to Nebraska, which has a more moderate four seasons climate. Ironically, this shift inverted his calendar; now it was the bright and bracing – but not bitterly cold – days of winter that lured him out into the natural world of the prairies.

In high school he was introduced to photography by a teacher who encouraged both his still life and landscape work. At first his work focused primarily on landscapes, and he loved the hiking and camping that were required to capture those images.  However, he eventually found that ground had already been well explored and captured by the photographers and painters who had come before him. During and after the years he spent at the San Francisco Art Institute, he returned to the studio and began creating his own landscapes, inspired to bring into tangible existence the worlds he had encountered in the real and fictional stories of his youthful reading.


Current and Upcoming

  • October, Split Gallery Grand Opening, Omaha NE

  • October, Bemis Charity Auction, Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha NE

  • November, Omaha Bug Symposium, OutrSpace, Omaha NE

  • October 11-December 6 2019, Etymology solo show at Fred Simmon Gallery

  • July 2019, Introductions, solo show at Lauritzen Gardens


  • Lost In Introduction, solo exhibition, Trap Gallery, Kansas City MO, September 2018

  • Old Dog Young Pups, group exhibition, Hotshops Gallery, Omaha NE, August 2018

  • Science is Future, group exhibition, Nasty Artist Collective, Omaha NE, August 2018

  • Museum of Alternative History, group exhibition, Kaneko, Omaha NE Summer 2018

  • Floating Artist Project, Hotshops Gallery, Omaha NE, June 2018

  • Bug Symposium Exhibition, Petshop Gallery, Omaha NE, April 2018

  • OEAA Visual Arts Showcase, Petshop Gallery, Omaha NE, January 2018

  • Variable Gain-Artist INC 2017 Exhibition, Michael Phipps Gallery, Omaha NE, January 2018

  • Bemis Charity Auction, Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha NE, October 2017

  • 100 for 100, Project Project, Omaha NE June 2017

  • CSart Harvest, Omaha Design Center, Omaha NE, June 2017

  • 150 Years of Nebraska, Bone Creek Museum, David City NE, May-July 2017

  • Concentrate, San Francisco Art Institute, San Francisco CA, November 2016

  • Bemis Charity Auction, Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha NE, October 2016

  • Geometry, Jadite Gallery, New York NY, October 2016

  • Science Fiction Future, Michael Phipps Gallery, Omaha NE, September-October 2016

  • 100 for 100, Project Project, Omaha NE June 2016

  • Gaze of the Mantis, solo exhibition, Gallery 72, Omaha NE April-May 2016

  • Bemis Charity Auction, Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha NE, November 2015

  • My Dreams, My Nightmares, Hot Shops Gallery, Omaha NE, October 2015

  • Fresh Works V, Firehouse Art Center, Pleasanton CA, May 2015

  • Fauna, Smith Andersen North Gallery, San Anselmo CA, Winter 2014

  • Everything Paper, Omaha Art Gallery of UNO, Omaha NE, September 2014

  • Currency, Old Mint, San Francisco CA, May 2014

  • Eclosion Exhibition, Art Science Gallery, Austin TX, November 2013

  • Big Fucking Scary Deal, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN, Oct 2013

  • Continuing MFA Show, Diego Rivera Gallery, San Francisco CA, September 2013

  • Landscape, Still Lights Gallery, San Francisco CA, Fall 2012 Dunes,

  • Great Sand Dunes National Park Visitor’s Center, CO Fall 2011- Spring 2012

  • Emerging Artist Show, Artist Cooperative Gallery, Omaha NE, July 2011

  • WWFD Show, O’Sullivan Gallery, Denver CO, Spring 2010

Science and Maker Fairs

  • Omaha Bug Symposium, Omaha NE, November 2018

  • Make Lincoln, Lincoln NE, 2018

  • Omaha Bug Symposium , Omaha NE, October 2018

  • Omaha Maker Faire, DoSpace, Omaha NE, April 2018

  • Omaha Bug Symposium , Omaha NE, October 2017

  • Make Lincoln, Lincoln NE, September 2017

  • Tinkerfest, Omaha Children's Museum, Omaha NE, August 2017

  • Omaha Maker Faire, DoSpace, Omaha NE, April 2017

  • Omaha Bug Symposium , Omaha NE, October 2016