Week of Dec 22

These three are from another trip to Ocean Beach with the dog.  The erosion from all the rain keeps revealing different little alcoves in the rocks at the north end.  Another dead bird as well, the average is about 1 per trip.

Looking towards Angel Island from the Marina in SF

The green field by the Marina.  Often there's dogs here playing filling me with guilt for just having trapped Bree in the apartment for the day.  The fog that morning was incredible.  Would have been perfect for a set of pictures I want to take (mostly for giggles and myself) over at the Palace of Fine Arts but I didn't know until dawn had already broke.  They need to be taken at night.

1/15th of second hand held sure looks sharp at this size.

View from my campsite near Orleans CA

The campsite.  Bree really did enjoy this trip quite a bit.  She had a long 200ft leash after a morning crazy run.  She enjoys colder weather though on the second night it got a little too cold for her.  She had been snuggled up next to me on the cot when I woke up to find her shivering.  Once inside the sleeping bag she cuddled up snugger than ever and stayed put for the night with look of pure delight.