Weeks of June 28th July 5

Up at Ted's place waiting for things to happen.

On the drive back into Nebraska. There was a tons of simply gorgeous light in eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. It seems whenever I drive through that area the light is amazing. Unfortunately since it has only been suicide runs between Omaha and SF on the interstate the scenery has blown. I did see the best sunset of my life out there a year and a half ago when I first took Bree out to SF.

Weird little floating cotten gnat thing. Found it in Old Market. I had found a fluffier one with more interesting wings in Garden of the Zodiac but it flew from me before I got to the car.

This little bugger was hopping around the yard for a few days unable to get past this retaining wall to get up the tree with its nest. Parent was still feeding it so I left be for awhile. Once it was clear that it couldn't figure the wall out I helped it over and it disappeared into the foliage that is this yard.