Week of Dec 14

These two are from a short with Nando and his cousin to Cascade Canyon and Rodeo Beach.

I really hate flies and crickets too but I have to handle both quite a bit to feed the mantises.  Inevitably the flies escape and so I have to hunt them down and kill them.  This little blighter got be staying on the blinds long enough for me to press them together mushing the little bugger. 

Subadult male thistle mantis, also know as the lesser devil flower mantis.  He's actually a bit deformed though even if you're familiar with mantises it's hard to tell.  His being is slightly twisted from choosing a poor place to shed from.  His choice sent him into the ground while still squishy.  Luckily I was aware of his choice and lifted him up while still gooey allowing to straighten some and continue living.  He should be back to normal by adulthood.  You can tell he's male by the thing antennae he now sports.

Alcatraz tourist shot, wonky colors from the 40 pancake.  Note the hilarious magenta casts in the corners of a bunch of images?

Everything from here on out is from Ft Funston aka doggy Valhalla where the canines go to destroy life.  Seriously this place is awesome.  No hang gliders to wig Bree out this time but she still had a good of go being batshit.