Upcoming Shows

Getting pretty tapped out on energy and new work with the number of shows I’ve had this year. That said here’s what the current schedule looks like:

CURRENT - September, Lost In Introductions, Trap Gallery, Kansas City MO

Dan is super chill and easy to have shows with.


October, Bemis Charity Auction, Bemis Center for the Arts, Omaha NE

doing the auction again

November, Omaha Bug Symposium, OutrSpaces, Omaha NE

This will be at the new location for Outrspaces and will feature a very large pile of mantis work. There will be a few new pieces but it will mostly be stuff from MOAH.

October 11-December 6 2019, Etymology solo show at Fred Simmon Gallery

Originally thought this was in 2018. Huge relief to have more time on it. Teaching his been ulra busy. Will feature mostly semi-abstract and planetoids from the Etymology series.

July 2019, Introductions, solo show at Lauritzen Gardens

This will feature the portraits from the 2014 Gaze of the Mantis show that was at Gallery72 and then 5-10 additional portraits. I might add the busts to it as well.