Week of Nov 30 in pictures

I'm going to start updating this blog weekly with photos from each week.  Enjoy!



These are two are from one of the many sunset trips I take to Ocean Beach with my dog.  It's become a mainstay of the weekends.

More Ocean Beach.  The erosion from the past week of rain is amazing.  Night trip taken again for my dog's sake.

View I see everyday on the way from the apartment.  Drive's me nuts when there's a good sunset and I'm trapped in the city.

The elevator has been jammed on my floor since Wednesday.

Taken on the way to work.  This is the second time I've found dead rats on my walk in.  Last time was 3 baby rats.  They were still moving but cold to touch so there wasn't any hope for them.

Bug smushed onto matte board.  Found it at work. I cut the board down to 8x10 and I'm tempted to frame it for giggles.

Hallway in the apartment

View from the top of the mountain in Loma Alta park.  Would have been an amazing shoot with the clouds but the light just wasn't there.