Introductions: Mantis Portraits at Lauritzen Gardens


Sunday June 23rd 2-4 is the opening for a show featuring 20 mantis portraits. The show is hosted by Lauritzen Gardens. If you attend the opening mention you are there for the show for free admission to the gardens. The portraits are of mantises I’ve raised over the past 7 years. They serve an introduction of the species, characters, and their anthropomorphization for the rest of the work I make on mantises. The show runs June 20th-July29th.

New Photos

New portraits of a species I have raised before. These are of Phyllovates chlorophaea or the Texas Unicorn Mantis. Depending on how sheds go from here out the first will probably be the portrait I settle on to use. I’m planning on including it in the show at Lauritzen Gardens.

The double polarized light does crazy things with color.