Make Lincoln 2019

I will once again be at Make Lincoln. This year at my table I will have a bunch of my new technology based work display. I’ll have my praying mantis busts, heads, and tomb. I will also have on display the first batch of full size human faces I am working on for a show later this year. I will be in the indoors part of the event.

Make Lincoln is the coming Saturday and runs 10a-4pm at Trago Park in Lincoln

Facebook Event Page

more on demand photogrammetry work

Here's a textured trilobite I was asked to make for the Museum of Alternative History which will be part of the Reality season at the Kaneko.  Honestly the presentation here is pretty disappointing.  In order to upload it to sketchfabb I had nuke the resolution done to 1/10th of what it really is.  There's only so much I can complain about a free 3D model hosting service though....  Still I'm pretty stoked with how it turned out.  This and megalodon tooth (which I may upload later, it needs more clean up) were the tests for the new lighting system I have set up.  It works marvelously.  Also shout out to RockOnOldeTown in Bellevue whose fossils these are.