Introductions: Mantis Portraits at Lauritzen Gardens


Sunday June 23rd 2-4 is the opening for a show featuring 20 mantis portraits. The show is hosted by Lauritzen Gardens. If you attend the opening mention you are there for the show for free admission to the gardens. The portraits are of mantises I’ve raised over the past 7 years. They serve an introduction of the species, characters, and their anthropomorphization for the rest of the work I make on mantises. The show runs June 20th-July29th.

Nebraska Biennial and upcoming shows.

I had a piece accepted into the Nebraska Biennial. The show opens Friday at Gallery 1516 from 630-900. The show will run until till August 4th. For more information visit Gallery 1516’s webpage about the show. I will also have a solo show of Mantis Portraits running at Lauritzen Gardens running from June 20th till July 29th. Opening time and information coming soon in a later post. After that I have a solo show of Etymology work at the Fred Simon Gallery in the fall and then a solo landscape show at CHI in Kearny in 2021.

Good Times.


These are some more light tests for the harman paper. Not pictured are the exposures I did not care for. Most of the testing is seeing if my preflash strategy is good. Instead of doing the consistent paper flash (recommended) I made a diffusing lens cap. I preflash the paper by taking an exposure through the cap of equal length to the normal exposure. The lighter ones in the previous batch of photos are those. The ones here had no preflash. I surprised that they came out better than the preflashed ones which appear