Bug Symposium

a portion of my perserved mantis collection

a portion of my perserved mantis collection

Don't forget the Bug Symposium is this Saturday, October 7th at OutrSpaces starting at 7pm.  The symposium is a quixotic fusion of art, music, and science with the common them of bugs.  Arthropoda will be well represented.   I will have a portion of my own personal collection on display, a table about insect photogrammetry, and some insect related art.

New Piece

This is actually more than a year old but for whatever reason I never photographed.  Which is funny considering how much I rag on other artists for lack of or poor work documentation.  Anyway, this is a praying mantis arm.  It's a chinese mantis arm if I remember correctly.  DoSpace again was where I had the final model printed. Tragically actual arm got destroyed by accident.

Don't forget that today is Make Lincoln.  Consider coming out.


There will be less photos showing up from for awhile.  As part of the OCI's CSart thing all the artificial landscape work I'll be producing through the end of May will be under wraps.  My day job has been exhausting lately so the energy I've had for making work as been focused on work for the CSart show in June.  Not a lot of time or energy for anything else.

I've signed up for Omaha's mini maker fair so if you want an excuse to come see my 3D prints in person you have one now.  More information that later.