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It’s that time of year again. Omaha’s version of the Maker Fair is happening again over at DOspace on 72nd and dodge. This time around it will be this Saturday April 14 10-4p. The event is a kind of show and tell for people working in emerging technologies. A lot of displays will have hands on stuff for kids.

I’ll be showing my full collection of 3D mantis prints, the newly completed mantis tomb and other laser etch mantis stuff, some of the stuff related to how I make the models, and I’ll have some live specimens along for the kids.

Facebook event page:

Better Mantis Tomb Documentation - updated 3D model, photos

This thing is still surprislngly difficult to get good photos of. The Laowa 15mm macro has been super good for it thought. The shift comes out way better than using corrections in LR or PS. The model now includes more interior elements and textures.